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Stop Picking, Popping, Poking, and Prodding

In this video, Tracy McCullough from talks about how she used to be an obsessive pimple popper and the website that woke her up to the dangers of skin picking, namely,




Excoriation: The Dangers Of A Small Sign

Skin conditions are some of the most well known conditions in the world. Skin conditions such as rashes, lesions and cancer have become more and more common in today's world. These conditions can be caused by either a prolonged exposure to the sun, viruses, and drug reactions. Another type of skin condition that is gaining popularity is excoriation.

Excoriation is defined as "to tear or wear off the skin". Excoriation can also be classified as lesions. Excoriations are usually seen when people rip off pimples or when they try to rip of scabs. Other forms of excoriation are usually caused by everyday wear and tear. The nails on your fingertips may start shedding skin, or the condition may be seen on the soles of your feet. This skin condition can also be caused by a condition known as lymphoma. Lymphoma is a cancer of the cells called lymphocytes that forms part of the immune system. The immune system is responsible for creating anti-bodies that fight against the different diseases and viruses that the body may encounter. If the lymphocytes are cancerous, then that lowers the body's defense system and not only makes it prone to internal diseases, but skin diseases as well. This then causes several signs of excoriation around the body. Another form of excoriation may be derived from scabies. Scabies is a water related disease that causes the body to itch a lot. This may lead to excoriation as the continuous scratching of the skin may lead to it peeling off. Treatment of excoriations may vary from prescriptions from your dermatologist to regular ointments aimed at helping the skin heal naturally.

Excoriation is a skin condition that is affecting more and more people today. People may not be aware of it immediately because it may not seem like a huge problem. But if left unattended, excoriations could lead to skin infections and diseases that are more serious and could end up being fatal. Excoriation is primarily caused by scratching off skin or the skin just naturally peeling off. Not only are excoriations a sign of bad skin, but a sign of bad health as well. One of the more popular causes of excoriation is lymphoma which is a cancer of the immune system. In order to help heal excoriations, dermatologists may suggest that you apply certain ointments or creams to help the skin heal naturally. These ointments and creams also help prevent skin diseases and infections that the excoriation could have caused.